Why Antenatal Care Is So Important For A Healthy Child

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Why Antenatal Care Is So Important For A Healthy Child

8 June 2020
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Being pregnant is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences one can go through. Not only are you trying to plan for your child's future and everything else that goes through your mind, but you also need to ensure you and the baby are healthy during the pregnancy. Antenatal care (care during the pregnancy) is vital, and the best person to talk this over with is an obstetrician. Obstetricians offer many specialised services for pregnant women, as well as being a rock for any and all of your medical questions as the delivery day gets closer.

Monitoring Your Condition

Pregnancy will push your body to its limits, and it is vital that your vitals are monitored during every significant stage of pregnancy. From your blood pressure to your heartbeat, everything that might be abnormally affected by the pregnancy will be recorded. If you fall outside of the normal range of variation during these check-ups and the obstetrician suspects a problem, then you will be given more specialised testing and might be asked to stay in the hospital during this period. This is in yours, and the baby's, best interests, as conditions can change rapidly when it comes to pregnancy and the last thing you want to have to do is drive to the hospital if your status deteriorates later on. 

Genetic Screening

One of the most important services your obstetrician might suggest you take advantage of during your pregnancy is genetic testing. Genetic testing uncovers whether you or your partner have any possibly problematic genes which could be passed on to your child. Even if you and your partner are perfectly healthy and fine, you still might carry these problems while being unaffected yourself. While it can be hard to take the test, you will want as much warning as possible if your baby is likely to have a genetic condition like cystic fibrosis. 

Beck And Call

Obstetricians are often considered more than just another medical professional to the families going through pregnancies. You build up a relationship with them during your monthly (and then weekly) appointments, and they will notice if you are down and can respond with advice. Pregnancy is not easy for anyone, and having a knowledgeable shoulder to cry on or turn to when you have a question removes much of this stress. Obstetricians can also provide general medical advice and lifestyle tips, which can also relax your mind and body as the big day gets nearer.